Build your Emotional Resilience

Build your Emotional Resilience

In your lifetime, you are going to or you may have already gone through tough times. Adversity affects all of us. Loss of a job, loss of a loved one, chronic sicknesses, divorce and break-ups and many other painful life situations presents us painful emotions such as: Regret, Anger, Hate, Sadness, Guilt, Fear, Shame, Loneliness, Despair and Anguish among many other negative emotions. Despite these strong negative emotions, it is possible to rise up from adversity.

Here’s to what emotionally resilient people do to overcome tough times:
Strategy 1: Emotionally resilient people maintain emotional hygiene to avoid inflicting psychological injuries to themselves. They are aware of how their mind reacts to life frustrations and set-backs. They know how to identify and manage their emotions and those of others.

Strategy 2: Emotionally resilient people recognize and know that suffering is part of life and human existence. Acknowledging this makes them feel that they are not discriminated against when tough times comes. They recognize and admit that they are hurting emotionally. When tough times come, emotionally resilient people know that they will either choose to sink or swim through the tough times.

Strategy 3: Emotionally resilient people shift their focus and choose carefully on where they select their attention. Their mind looks for the positive things in all tough times. They do not lose what they have to what is already lost. They practice gratitude.
Strategy 4: Emotionally resilient people ask themselves, is what am doing helping and harming me? They are in control of the kind of decisions they make. They love and are kind to themselves.

Strategy 5: Emotionally resilient people see things as they are and not worse than they are. They cultivate optimism. They hope that with time, everything will be better. They trust in a higher power other than themselves (God) and believe everything is working out just as how it was meant to be.

Strategy 6: Emotionally resilient people tend to continually improve on their self-esteem and emotional hygiene by cutting down negative thinking and other unhealthy beliefs about themselves, others and the general world. They exchange unhealthy beliefs about themselves with healthier beliefs.

In everything that happens, there is a gift in it. Your brain has capacity to adapt to what you do. It is possible to live again. As you move with and through tough times, what would you do with your fresh start?