Handling Personal Crisis? Adapt and Discover Opportunities.

Handling Personal Crisis? Adapt and Discover Opportunities.

Crises are complex and they affect everyone at some point in life. They come in many forms like health, relationships, finances or loss of a loved one. Crises have the potential to change our lives in the present and future. They can bring the best or worst in us.

A good way to come out of crises is by adapting. This means, by applying knowledge and skills to different situations and environments in order to find a solution. No matter what crises hits, we have the endurance to discover untapped reservoirs of fortitude.While there is no one perfect way to handle crises in our lives, below are things we can do, to bounce back better.Let the bad news sink in and grieve the situation. Accept the upsetting feelings, the fear and the anxiety. Admit those tough times you are going through.



Accept what you can’t change. Accept those situations we have no control over. Make peace with your powerlessness situation. Embrace those opposing emotions, but don’t be caught up with endless sessions of sadness. Allow yourself to feel the simple joys of life.

Connect your mind and body. Take a slow, deep breath through the nose, hold for five seconds, then slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat this several times. This will calm down your stress levels and also help circulate more needed oxygen in your blood. Engage in other activities like meditation and exercise, which can enhance the body's functioning and improve your mood as well. Practice self-care.

Focus on faith and spirituality. Depend on prayer when hard times hit. Trust in the higher power. Faith involves trusting that whatever is happening has a meaning and a purpose. Having faith loosens our need to control the outcome of life.
Assess the crisis. It is normal to react or over react. Instead, restore your calm and accurately assess the crisis and have a clear picture of your situation.

Engage your family. Involving your family and together brainstorm and plan on how to cope and adapt to the current crisis.
Plan ahead and come up with a list of options. While you cope and adapt to your crises, come up with a list of solutions Planning together enables you to act quickly, confidently, and effectively when the time to act comes.
Prioritize and seek help from family and friends. Pick on most important tasks or solutions that can be done first. Seek support and advice from family and friends. There is strength in numbers.

Remember, what you're made of, what type of person you are, impacts how you manage a crisis. How you deal with loss, will determine who you are and who you will become. We can live better lives after a crisis. Adversity creates a pool of energy in us that has tremendous potential. How we use it is our challenge-to sink, or to discover new opportunity.

Keep calm, be hopeful and look ahead!