Analytical Chemistry services

One of the primary services we provide is Analytical Chemistry Services.  


Analabs Limited's comprehensive management and quality integrated systems enable us to complete the most complex projects efficiently, accurately, responsively and in rigorous compliance with the applicable regulations. The laboratory is accredited by KENAS for Testing and Calibration (ISO/IEC 17025). As an analytical laboratory, we are committed to providing the highest quality in all services rendered with the lowest turn-around time. Be it quality control testing, routine & non-routine analysis, environmental and analytical consultancy, Analabs is your ideal turnkey laboratory for contract analysis outsourcing partner.  


A combination of skills, experience and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by KENAS guarantees you that the test reports and certificates we issue your business can be accepted from one country to another without the need for further testing, which, in turn, streamlines your business for both local and intenational export markets.  


Analytical Chemistry services
- Suitable for these industries -


+Dairy Industry

+Hotel Industry

+Restaurants & Fast Food

+Veterinary Facilities.

+Hospitals & Health Care Institutions

+Farmers & Agribusiness Institutions

+Food Processors

+Food Industry etc


Lab services we deploy

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Pharmaceutical Testing

Assay for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient e.g.
• Albendazole
• Levamisole HCl
• Oxyclozanide
• Rafoxanide
• Fenbendazole

NIR Identification on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as per acceptable GMP practices

Animal Feed Testing (Nutritional Analysis)

Nutritional analysis of animal feed products and raw materials covering but not limited to.

• Crude Protein
• Crude Fat
• Crude Fiber
• Crude Ash
• Moisture
  • Dry Matter
• Metabolizable Energy
• Total Carbohydrates
• Ammino Acids (Methionine & Lysine)
• Calcium Phosphorous


Nutritional Analysis in Food

Nutritional analysis in food covering but not limited to:

• Crude Protein
• Crude Fat
• Crude Fiber
• Crude Ash
• Moisture
  • Dry Matter
• Metabolizable Energy
• Total Carbohydrates
• Zinc
• Iron

Animal Mineral Lick

Analysis of Trace element as per acceptable KEBS standards including but not limited to:

• Calcium
• Phosphorous
• Magnesium
• Manganese
• Copper
  • Zinc
• Cobalt
• Selenium
• Iodine
• Sodium Chloride

Heavy Metals Toxicants in Water, Pharmaceutical Products & Food Grade

Heavy metals toxicant in food, pharmaceutical products and water including but not limited to:

• Arsenic
• Mercury
• Lead
• Cadmium
  • Chromium
• Tin
• Nickel
• Silver

Black & Green Tea Quality Parameters Analysis


• Total Ash
• Water Extract
• Iron Fillings
• Crude fiber
• Acid insoluble ash
  • Alkalinity water soluble ash (KOH)
• Water soluble ash
• Water extracts
• Catechins
• Total Polyphenols

Essential Oils Quality Testing

Quality parameters for essential oils include but not limited to:
• Free Fatty Acids
• Peroxide Index
• Saponification Value
• Refractive Index

Pest Control Products Active Ingredient Assay

Product list include the following actives:
• Amitraz
• Lambda-cyhalothrin
• Deltamethrin
• Carbaryl
• Cypermethrin
• Alpha-Cypermethrin


Fortification for vegetable oils and flour for Vitamins:
• Vitamin A (mcg/IU/RE)
• B-complex Vitamins
• Vitamin D3/D

Water Quality Analysis according to KS EAS 12:2018 standard

• Effluent
• Portable water
• Irrigation water
• Storm water

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol content in Beer, Wine and potable spirits using GC-FID.

Maximum Residue Limits (MRLS) Testing

MRLS Testing Using GS-MS & LC-MS for over 500 pesticide molecules in vegetables, essential oils and Black Tea. The list also includes Glyphosate Analysis as per EU regulations.